The future consumer wants a seamless payment experience

The current trend in almost everything, is faster, easier, and safer. This can be seen in the payments- business, where customers are demanding a more seamless checkout experience, both online and in brick and mortar stores. The end user appreciates easiness and reality in their everyday life, and therefore the solutions we are creating are working towards that demand. Here are some of our thoughts after the MasterCard Meetup 2018- event in Helsinki.

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100 reasons for choosing Maksuturva

Finland celebrates its 100th birthday this year. Finland's 100 years of independence has been celebrated through various new product launches and events. Here at Maksuturva, we also wanted to honor the 100-year-old Finland and following the theme of the celebrations, we will present 100 reasons for choosing Maksuturva as a web store's payment service provider. We have a good team of experts working at Maksuturva and a nice team spirit - we like our job and always want to do our best, not forgetting a good sense of humor! We hope this shows as good service.

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Five ways to improve your web store conversion rate

The way we spend our time has changed dramatically during this decade. We are online all the time and so are many services as well- therefore it is more of an expectation that you can take care of everything where you want, and when you want. This change can also be seen in consumer behavior: online shopping is more popular than ever, and almost all products in the whole wide world are just a few clicks away. 

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