Blog: What makes a web store competitive?

The success of a web store is easily measured; simply look at how well it attracts visitors and converts them into paying customers. In order to maximize sales, a competitive web store will ensure these four areas are optimized: content, customer experience, customer service and continuous improvement.

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Blog: Make online buying easier

The success of a web store is based on how tempting and easy it is to place an order. The buying process should hence be as easy and fluent as possible. It should never be a hurdle for having a successful web store. There are several ways in which you can make the purchase decision, and the whole process, easier for the customer and hence speed up sales.

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Blog: Why consider setting up a B2B web store?

B2B online trade and the growth of domestic e-commerce have been popular topics over the past fall and spring. This is not completely unexpected, as research states that the digitalization of B2B trade is one of the most important development objectives of many companies. Why is it then that B2B online trade has become such a popular subject?

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