Finland celebrates its 100th birthday this year. Finland's 100 years of independence has been celebrated through various new product launches and events. Here at Maksuturva, we also wanted to honor the 100-year-old Finland and following the theme of the celebrations, we will present 100 reasons for choosing Maksuturva as a web store's payment service provider. We have a good team of experts working at Maksuturva and a nice team spirit - we like our job and always want to do our best, not forgetting a good sense of humor! We hope this shows as good service.

  1. Being Finnish
  2. The Key Flag
  3. Good campaigns - right now Finland 100 & Maksuturva 10 years campaign!
  4. Intelligent services
  5. Fast customer service
  6. Staff that understands the needs of our customers
  7. ICT support that is always ready to help
  8. Experienced financial administration
  9. The office dog(s)
  10. Versatile payment methods
  11. Clear payment packages
  12. Maksuturva is a forerunner
  13. Amazing office by the seaside – welcome to enjoy the view!
  14. Good team spirit
  15. We are team players
  16. Fruitbox (and other little snacks for guests)
  17. Entrepreneurship
  18. Personal service
  19. Newest features
  20. Tools for handling refunds and returns
  21. Recurring payments
  22. Mobile payments
  23. Project management
  24. Combining payments services and logistics information intelligently
  25. Tailoring of services
  26. Flexibility
  27. Know-how
  28. Perseverance
  29. Commitment
  30. Sense of humor
  31. Ambition
  32. Willingness to improve
  33. Continuous development and renewing of services
  34. Customer-centered approach
  35. High work morale
  36. We always try our best
  37. We are always ready to help
  38. Supporting web stores
  39. Everything for everyone – for big and small web stores
  40. You can call us anytime and about anything (during opening hours :D)
  41. We strive to find answers to questions together
  42. We can give advice on many different things
  43. You can always reach our customer service by phone
  44. Satisfied customers
  45. Satisfied users, i.e. buyers
  46. Satisfied employees
  47. Web Buyer's Services, where buyers can track the status of their order
  48. Gross settlements
  49. Transaction-based settlements (also in gross amounts!)
  50. Other versatile settlement models
  51. Multivendor-settlements for online market places
  52. Good reporting tools
  53. Statistics tools
  54. Capability to make changes when needed
  55. International but still domestic
  56. Wide knowledge in different areas of e-commerce
  57. Expert employees
  58. We get things done
  59. Genuine interest in helping web stores boost their sales
  60. Willingness to help web stores provide better service for their customers
  61. Satisfaction Guarantee
  62. Safety for buyers
  63. “A middle man” between the web store and the buyer – decreases the web store's work
  64. Our operations combine banking field security with the customer orientation of the service industry
  65. Different integration possibilities (for example ERP)
  66. Ready-made integrations to web store platforms
  67. Free-of-charge payment modules
  68. Technical support for web stores
  69. Integration guidelines
  70. Payment methods suitable also for web stores that have sales abroad
  71. Good customer references
  72. Our employees are experienced specialists in the commerce field, e-business, the banking sector and information technology
  73. Extranet, an online portal for web stores for the management of payments
  74. Flexible services: choose the payment methods and features that suit you best
  75. All payment methods from the same place
  76. Authorized and monitored by Finland's Financial Supervisory Authority
  77. Maksuturva Group Ltd and all of its card payment-related technical partners are PCI DSS Level 1 certified
  78. Service management is certified in accordance with the ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001 standards
  79. Online return form – a unique service where buyers can report products they wish to return
  80. Free-of-charge e-books and guides for web stores
  81. Clear pricing – no hidden costs!
  82. Easy to take in use
  83. Determination
  84. Our motto is "Only the best is good enough"
  85. We take on challenges
  86. Materials for web stores, such as ad banners, terms & conditions etc.
  87. Test the service for free
  88. Safety and reliability: Our operations are subject to regulation by Finland’s Financial Supervisory Authority, and all data transfer uses encrypted connections.
  89. The service is free-of-charge for the buyer
  90. Consumers trust Maksuturva
  91. Everything is mobile optimized
  92. We also support consumers and help with questions
  93. In our Satisfaction Guarantee -feature we communicate with buyers about the status of their order, we send them for example a payment confirmation and information on delivery
  94. Transparency
  95. Several additional options in payment methods – every web store and buyer can find a suitable option among different invoice and part payment options
  96. A growing company
  97. Omnichannel – we also provide payment terminals and Invoice/Part Payment for brick-and-mortar stores
  98. Services for many different needs: web stores, online services, mobile applications and brick-and-mortar stores
  99. B2B-invoice for business-to-business sales
  100. A low hierarchy organization – we can get quick answers to questions and things are done efficiently



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