The annual Maksuturva eCommerce Karting Championship-event was once again a great success! The day was filled with intriguing discussions, a fun race and lots of excitement. As tradition, it was also time to thank our partners for a great year and give out the Maksuturva Partner Awards for 2017. This year, the Finnish Olympic Committee was awarded as "Key Account 2017" and Vincit as "Best Partner 2017"

Suomen_Olympiakomitea_partner_awardsPekka Lehdes (left) and Juha Saapunki (right) from the Finnish Olympic Committee received the award from Maksuturva's Jari Mäntylä and Tomas Lundqvist. 

The Finnish Olympic Committee is the national main organization for exercise and sports. Its responsibilities and tasks include support and development of Finnish elite sports as well as promotion of everyday activity and exercise. The organization’s operations reach people all the way from primary education to working life, professional sports and sport politics.. The committees main goal is to energize Finns by increasing daily activity and participation in sports. The Finnish Olympic Committee provides the members of sport organizations an online service called Suomisport, where members can purchase competitionlicenses and sport-insurances. In the future, it will also be possible to purchase memberships and roll up for events through the service. Maksuturva is the payment service provider while Vincit is the software provider for the service. 

The collaboration between these three parties, Maksuturva, Vincit and the Finnish Olympic Committee was excellent- the Suomisport-project was carried out quickly and with great quality. Usability on any device was one of the main objectives when developing the service, as well as the broad selection of payment methods and the excellent service design.

"It has been a great pleasure to be a part of a project that improves well-being in Finland. The collaboration with the Finnish Olympic Committee and Vincit has been pleasant and it has been fun to see how more and more sports associations start using the service. The customer feedback has been good, it is nice to hear that the users really do appreciate the user-friendliness. The associations have been really happy as well " says Tomas Lundqvist, Account Manager at Maksuturva .

A well functioning collaboration is crucial, and in bigger projects collaboration really is the key to success. With a well working collaboration it is possible to create tailored solutions that please all parties. A successful collaboration stands on communication, strategic planning common goals. 

We here at Maksuturva want to thank all our partners for successful collaboration during 2017!

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 Konsta_karvinenKonsta Karvinen

 The writer is Maksuturva's Director, Devops and one of the founders.


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