The success of a web store is based on how tempting and easy it is to place an order. The buying process should hence be as easy and fluent as possible. It should never be a hurdle for having a successful web store. There are several ways in which you can make the purchase decision, and the whole process, easier for the customer and hence speed up sales.

User experience is key

It should not only be possible to use the web store, but an enjoyable experience in itself. A good user experience starts from the navigation around the web store is. This should feel natural and intuitive. To achieve this, the structure and content of the web store needs to be organized logically. Hence, the design of the web store matters; a clear and consistent design makes navigating the store easier. The design should also be appealing to your target group and match their expectations. Furthermore, shopping as well as paying should work seamlessly on different screens and devices, as the use of mobile devices is growing.

Your goal is to get the visitors to buy from your web store, so make it as easy as possible for them.

Pay attention to the functionality of the entire process starting with the easy-to-use shopping cart, where making changes is easy and other available functions serve a clear purpose. Be clear about what happens next in the buying process by using clear and visible buttons or symbols that guide the buyer from one phase to the next. The design and look of the payment page should also match that of the web store to prevent confusion and last minute hesitation.Ostajan_hyodyt

Paying for the order is an important part of the buying process. You don’t want your customer to abandon the buying process because you’re not offering them the payment method that they would like to use. So give your customers the opportunity to pay for their purchase with PayPal, Invoice or Part Payment, in addition to the more traditional online banking and card payments. In order to prevent the buying process from stopping at any stage, do not force your customers to register themselves or even to subscribing to a newsletter.

The content

The most important content in a web store’s are the product description and information pages. The products should be categorized in a way that makes sense to the customer and allows him or her to find them easily. Only use high quality product photos, as they are important not only for the design and appearance of the web store, but also for credibility. Use informative and thorough product descriptions and concentrate especially on the benefits the product can provide the customer. Also, include product reviews. An opportunity to write and read reviews helps customers trust you and the product. Cross-selling is additional sales at its best. Offer your customers other products that might interest them on the product page.
It is easy to buy form a reliable web store. Add social evidence to your web site to convince the visitor of the reliability and functionality of both your web store and your products. Social media sharing buttons on the product page, as well as after placing the order, gives the customer an opportunity to recommend the web store and the products to their own social networks. You can also display the latest tweets about your web store as a feed on your site.

It is also a good idea to place security certificates or other reliability certificates on the website, especially on the payment page.

Customer service is a part of the user experience

Excellent customer service improves the image of your web store and encourages both new and returning customers to buy. The customer should be able to contact you in a way that is most suitable to him or her, so consider also other communication channels in addition to phone and e-mail. Contact forms and chats are popular tools for communication, as they make it easy for the customer to ask questions.

Offer your customers a sufficient range of delivery methods, to allow them to receive their order in the way that suits them best. Returning an item should also be a pleasant experience to the customer. Make returning items easy, as it enhances the customer’s perception of the reliability of your web store; customers who trust you are repeat customers. Also, make sure that you are operating according to applicable statues, laws and regulations.


Magnus Enckell

Director, Partnerships and Customers
Maksuturva Group Ltd


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