Artificial intelligence is a true thought provoker - what will the next commercial AI-success story be after Apple?

I've been following the on-going discussion about artificial intelligence, or AI for a while now. The discussion is extremely interesting as the topic overall is quite thought provoking. Usually, when it comes to AI-discussions, there are two main things people talk about: what we actually can classify or categorize as artificial intelligence and if AI will generate more jobs than what it will demolish. I thought that I would only cover the first topic in this post, but also look at my company, Maksuturva's standing in an "AI-world".  Because success-stories usually require a bit more work than great planning, I decided to look at this from a broader perspective and a theoretical, more exactly a quantum mechanics-point-of-view. 

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Collaboration is key

The annual Maksuturva eCommerce Karting Championship-event was once again a great success! The day was filled with intriguing discussions, a fun race and lots of excitement. As tradition, it was also time to thank our partners for a great year and give out the Maksuturva Partner Awards for 2017. This year, the Finnish Olympic Committee was awarded as "Key Account 2017" and Vincit as "Best Partner 2017"

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What are mobile payments? 8 trends you need to know about today


When talking about mobile payments, we generally mean all payment methods where a mobile phone is used as a payment tool. This said, "mobile payments" can refer to several things, for instance: transferring money to a friend via an app, choosing a mobile-optimized payment solution when shopping online or paying for lunch by using a contactless mobile payment-service.

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