Case Finnish Olympic Committee

Special needs require flexibility and ability to customize services

The Finnish Olympic Committee is the national main organization for exercise and sports. Its responsibilities and tasks include the development on Finnish competitive sports as well as the promotion of everyday activity and exercise. The organization’s operations reach people all the way from primary education and schools to working life, professional sports and sport politics.

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The Finnish Olympic Committee provides the members of sports organizations an online service called the Suomisport service, where members can purchase licenses for competitions. Usability on any device has been one of the main objectives when developing the service. In the future, also memberships and events will become available for purchase through the service.

Maksuturva was chosen as the payment service provider for Suomisport after a public tendering process. One of Maksuturva’s advantages was the required flexibility for a big project like the Suomisport service. “One of the key factors in choosing Maksuturva was the ability to flexibly customize the payment service to fit our specific needs”, says the Project Manager of the Finnish Olympic Committee, Juha Saapunki. The Finnish Olympic Committee says, that the project was carried out in good co-operation between Maksuturva, the software provider Vincit and sports organizations in the pilot phase.

As payment methods in the Suomisport service there are online bank- and card payments as well as Maksuturva Intelligent Invoice and Part Payment. In addition to these, Suomisport also uses the mobile payment method MobilePay. Juha Saapunki says, that he believes mobile payments will continue to become increasingly popular and already, based on a few months piloting of the service, it can be seen that the use of MobilePay is steadily increasing. MobilePay, as the other payment methods, has worked impeccably.

One of the special features of the service is, that the chosen settlement model is the so-called multi-vendor settlement model. In this settlement model, it is possible to distribute settlements to several different parties. This automatic distribution of settlements to different parties using the service is a key feature for the Suomisport service. “This is an extremely important feature and Maksuturva created a suitable solution for us excellently”, says Juha Saapunki from the Finnish Olympic Committee. Settlements can be divided among several parties regardless of the payment method, which is a unique feature among the available payment services on the market.

Juha Saapunki tells us, that the Finnish Olympic Committee has been extremely satisfied with their choice of Maksuturva as their payment service provider and that they have always received professional guidance when necessary from Maksuturva’s customer service. Maksuturva aims to constantly develop its services, and the Finnish Olympic Committee would like to challenge Maksuturva to continue to develop and improve its services, as Suomisport is being developed to be the best sports service in Finland. In the future, one of the main challenges will be the further development, where the Suomisport service will be extended to the use of sports clubs as well as to the customer-oriented management of membership and event fees.

As a conclusion, Juha Saapunki would like to send these greetings to companies considering taking Maksuturva’s services in use: “I can warmly recommend choosing Maksuturva as the payment service provider for a modern online service. At the same time, I hope Maksuturva will continue to invest in the development of their services and will continue to be able to implement innovative and cost-effective solutions”. We here at Maksuturva will do our very best to rise to the challenge.


Case Reima

Internationalization and mobile e-commerce are worth investing in

Reima, founded in 1944, is a legendary Finnish brand concentrating in children’s outdoor clothing. Reima’s clothes are internationally known and the biggest export countries are the Nordic countries, Russia and Switzerland.

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Reima’s web store in Finland has used Maksuturva’s payment methods already since 2012. Last year, thanks to a good co-operation, Reima decided to take card payments and PayPal in use through Maksuturva in their web stores in Germany, Austria and Poland as well.

Maksuturva had an important role especially in the development of the web store in Poland: an integration project with Dotpay, a provider of Polish online bank payments, was carried out by Maksuturva in order for Polish customers to be able to use their own bank when paying in Reima’s web store in Poland. Maksuturva’s flexibility in the Dotpay project turned out to be the thing that “sealed the deal” and resulted in choosing Maksuturva to be Reima’s online payment service provider internationally. “Maksuturva is very solution-focused”, says Reima’s E-Commerce Director Heli Viljanen.

In addition to online bank and card payments, Reima’s Finnish web store also uses Maksuturva’s tools for handling refunds. Heli Viljanen says, that this has clearly made the work of customer service representatives easier and processes smoother. This way, customer service representatives are left with more time to do their actual job which is serving customers.

The web store also uses MobilePay, which is an easy and fast mobile payment method. There is a clear trend of e-commerce and online payments becoming increasingly mobile and this is something that Reima is also concentrating their development on. MobilePay is already a popular payment method in Scandinavia and is becoming increasingly popular in Finland as well. Reima has already received good feedback about MobilePay.

“We have received good service from Maksuturva. The account managers have been active and replied quickly to any possible questions”, tells Heli Viljanen. For others planning on setting up a web store or changing their payment service provider, Heli would like to give a tip: think carefully when choosing your partner, because changing to another service provider is always somewhat of a project on its own. When you have a good partner, you can have a good co-operation lasting for years to come.


Case Moda Aukia

Managing product returns is the key for a web store’s success

In addition to a wide selection of payment methods, Aukias’s service includes Maksuturva’s tools for managing returns and refunds, which makes the handling of product returns and refunds fast and efficient.


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The web store Aukia.fi is part of the Aukia Group, founded in 1956, that also includes th stores Moda Aukia and Jim&Jill whose selection consists of clothing, shoes and accessories. ”We chose Maksuturva for our service provider because we wanted to offer our customers a trustworthy and secure way of paying with the payment method they prefer”, says the web store administrator Timo Aukia.

Deliveries and returns

When it comes to operations of the web store, Aukia has focused especially on reliable and fast deliveries.

”Managing product returns efficiently is the key factor in the fashion web stores’ success. We believe that for our customers the easiness of the returns tools and for us the reduction in the amount of manual work will speed up the cycle of selling returned products and reduce the costs of returns. Our clientele consists of many new online shoppers, and for them the Satisfaction Guarantee of the return tools decreases the threshold for purchasing online”, states Aukia.

Activation of the service

Aukia says the implementation of Maksuturva’s services was conducted excellently: the project combined a ready-made and tested service package and customer-oriented tailoring in order to build a service that was compatible with Aukia’s systems. ”We can heartily recommend”, says Aukia for all who are considering Maksuturva’s services.

Case Nanso Group

Tailored Web Buyer’s Services

The service consists of online payment systems of all Finnish banks, card payments and Invoice and Part Payment services. Moreover, Nanso’s “Web Buyer’s Services” (a feature of Satisfaction Guarantee tools) were customized and skinned according to the company’s brand image.

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Nanso Group is a clothing company founded in 1921, and its offering consists of popular brands such as Nanso, Finnwear, Black Horse and Vogue. The company launched its web store in the end of 2012.

A self-service with Nanso’s look

Nanso’s Web Buyer’s were tailored according to Nanso’s brand and practices. The customers can access Web Buyer’s services via the confirmation of order email, and at their service page they can track the delivery, give feedback or fill in a product returns form 24/7.

Easier management of returns

Nanso wished to build a web store system where money transactions are secure, fast and uncomplicated. Also a solution for managing product returns efficiently was needed, because at worst over 20 % of products ordered from Nansoshop.com are returned – a typical return rate for clothing industry. Without automation the handling of returns would have caused significant waste of resources. This is why Nanso chose Maksuturva’s customized payment service with Satisfaction Guarantee tools for returns management.

Liisa Vilén from Nanso Group states that with Maksuturva’s solution it is safe to sell and shop online: a web store does not receive the payments before the customer’s time for returning the order has expired, and both parties are satisfied with the result of the purchase. Customers who decide to return products can check instantly how much money is going to be refunded, and Maksuturva handles the money transactions automatically on behalf of Nanso.

The reconciliation of Maksuturva’s settlements is fast as the sums and reference numbers can be automatically allocated. ”After starting to use the Satisfaction Guarantee tools the amount of work related to our customer returns has decreased remarkably. Special thanks to your quick and professional customer service”, thanks Vilén.

Case Kone Glans

Kone-Glans utilizes Maksuturva’s services in order to make their background processes more efficient

Kone-Glans has invested in careful business planning and utilizes Maksuturva’s services to make the background processes more efficient and leave resources for the development of the core business.

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Kone-Glans, a company that is concentrated on selling for instance forest and woodworking machinery, was founded in Salo in 1955. Since then the company has expanded its market area to cover the whole country. The web store of Kone-Glans was launched already in the late 90’s.

More payment methods

Maksuturvas services were integrated in the web store as a part of a renewal process.

“We had been looking to expand the payment options of the web store for a while already, and Maksuturva seemed to be the right choice for our needs. The payment options are extensive and risk-free from our point of view. For us this integration has brought extremely positive experiences so far. Buyers are clearly utilizing the possibility to choose from the large selection of payment methods and we believe this will further increase our sales”, states the Product Manager of the web store, Kalle Glans.

In addition to payment methods, the tools for managing product returns are seen as a value-adding service at Kone-Glans. Kalle Glans thinks these tools are a good way to distinguish the web store from the competitors, because they bring the feeling of safety for the customers, and hence makes it easier to make purchase decisions. Moreover, it serves both the customers and the web store personnel by for example making order tracking possible.

Case Maritim

Gaining customer satisfaction through reliable service

The web store’s payment methods are managed through Maksuturva. As a result, customers are offered safe online payments, which shows in customer satisfaction.

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Maritim has reached a strong market position on international level as a seller of boating equipment. The web store of the company has become an important sales channel in addition to the wide retailer network and a brick-and-mortar store.

Safe payments for customers

The web store administrator Tiina Koivu is excited about the service especially because it makes paying online risk-free: all the payment methods are managed via a trustworthy service provider, and the customers are always allowed to check their purchase before the payments are forwarded to the web store’s bank account.

The company expects customer satisfaction to increase now that all the questions related to the orders and payments as well as possible order returns are handled efficiently and easily.

Maksuturva’s customer service works

Koivu sends happy greetings to all who consider ordering Maksuturva’s services: ”Excellent choice – Maksuturva’s way of handling everything is exemplary. Also the customer service is friendly and quick, outstanding actually. I wish all companies would be like Maksuturva.”

Case Metsä Group

A customized solution enables division of payments to multiple accounts

 Payments made in Metsä Group’s web store can be divided and settled to multiple parties.

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Metsä Group provides its members with an online marketplace where all its partners can sell their products and services. The more wood you sell, the more you will be credited online store bonuses, which are also accepted as a payment method at the marketplace.

A solution that complies with the web store’s needs

Maksuturva provides a customized payment solution to Metsä Group’s and its partners’ web store. The specialty in this solution, that also includes the Satisfaction Guarantee, is that the payment of one shopping cart can be divided and transferred to multiple merchants.

”With Maksuturva’s Multivendor solution we are able to connect multiple vendors to our marketplace as the money transactions are handled completely automatically. All the steps of the project were handled excellently and we are extremely satisfied with the high quality of the service”, says Hannes Vickholm from Metsä Group.