Maksuturva Group

Maksuturva Group Ltd is a payment institution under the control and direction of Finland’s Financial Supervisory Authority.


The pioneer of intelligent payments in Europe

Maksuturva's role in the digitalization of the commerce field is pivotal.

Maksuturva Group Ltd is a pioneer in online payments, offering intelligent payment services to companies and their customers. Maksuturva’s efforts reflect the resolute intention to also overcome the challenges in its sector that have remained unresolved by its competitors. Our motto is Only the Best is Good Enough.

Maksuturva’s goals are being achieved by means of its staff's resolute and knowledgeable efforts.

Our employees are experienced specialists in the commerce field, e-business, the banking sector and information technology. Our operations combine banking field security with the customer orientation of the service industry. Our team has an avarage work experience of ten years per person from the financial sector. The quality of our services is backed by technology selected with professional skill and a carefully assembled network of partners.

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We are Northern Europe’s leading payment institution focused on intelligent payment systems. Our multi-channel solutions reinforce companies’ business operations by bringing our customers significant cost savings and innovation potential. We are a pivotal operator in the digitalization of payments.


We will function at the hub of commerce value formation as an intermediary between payments and information as well as between banks, system suppliers, card companies, logistics operators and electronic financial management service companies. We will be indispensable for these partners.


Excellent customer experience
We will listen to our customers and partners and create solutions that match the needs of the market.  Our starting point is that there is no reason not to use our services.

Pioneering spirit and efficiency
As experts, we will be pioneers in our field. We will emphasize quality – not quantity.

We will respect our customers, partners, competitors and personnel.  Knowledgeable and motivated staff represent top priority in our company, and by being open and transparent we believe we will achieve our goals.

Maksuturva’s Group of Companies

Maksuturva Group Ltd is an internationally active payment institution authorized and monitored by Finland's Financial Supervisory Authority, which has the license compliant with the European Union’s Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC) to offer electronic payment services. The technical realization of the payment services offered by Maksuturva Group Ltd is the responsibility of its subsidiary, Maksuturva ICT Services Oy, together with certified service providers. The service management of these operating services is certified in accordance with the ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001 standards. Maksuturva Group Ltd and all of its card payment-related technical partners are PCI DSS Level 1 certified. The specialists at Maksuturva Group and ICT Service work in the same premises in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

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Svea Ekonomi AB, Sweden
Mikael Smeds
Konsta Karvinen
Patrik Ekman
Pete Hakkarainen
Jari Mäntylä
Petteri Kauko
Tomas Lundqvist
Andreas Stenius
Eetu Komsi

Total amount of shareholders: 10
Total amount of shares: 28 405 016
Updated: 11.6.2018

Our story

Our strong desire to be able to address the disruption to the banking field goes back to 2003, when our other founder presented a question to science fiction writer Petteri Järvinen in the middle of a seminar on online business. The question was: Why has no one intelligently combined payment linked with online commerce and logistics data?

Järvinen had no answer to the question, but regarded the observation as highly interesting. As a result of the founders’ carefully designed planning – which also comprised of a research plan on the safety of payments for a doctoral programme in 2006 and referrals from what was then the Banking Supervision Office in 2007 – the decision to establish Maksuturva Group Ltd was made.

After this, the company that is specialized in fintech-area has acted as a magnet for online and omnichannel professionals as well as, of course, investors strongly committed to our vision.



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