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Maksuturva transfers your payment online. We are glad to assist you in matters related to payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is paying through Maksuturva safe?
All data transfer is encrypted, so payment via Maksuturva is always safe. We also do not transfer your information to third parties for marketing purposes.
Does using Maksuturva cost me anything?

No. Maksuturva is a service that is always free-of-charge to consumers, so we do not charge you any fees.

A payment has gone from my account/card and the payee is Maksuturva Group Oy / Suomen Maksuturva Oy, what does this mean?

Maksuturva is the payment service provider: this means that payments in web stores and related services go via us to the merchant. For this reason, the name Maksuturva appears on the account statement or card invoice as the payee. If it is unclear to you what the payment covers, please contact Maksuturva’s Customer Service.

I want to return a product or cancel an order, how do I do that?

If the web store offers customers the Buyer's Assistant- service, you have the possibility of making changes there. You have received a link to the service on the order date in Maksuturva’s assignment confirmation-message as well as a notice regarding delivery- message when the order has been delivered to you. If you do not find such messages in your email program (or your spam folder), please contact Maksuturva’s Customer Service.

What is Buyer's Assistant?

Please note that not all web stores use the Buyer's Assistant- service. Maksuturva’s Buyer's Assistant ensures that your payment is transferred to the web store only after your order has been delivered in accordance with the report of the merchant or transport company, and the inspection period has expired. The inspection period is stipulated by the web store concerned, and during this time you can make changes to the order.

The date by which you can make changes is mentioned in the email notice you receive from Maksuturva.  After this, the payment is transferred to the web store. If for some reason you do not receive your order, there are faults/omissions, or you want to make changes, you can use the Buyer's Assistant- an online portal where you can manage your order.

If you do not want to make changes to the order, you don’t have to do anything – in that case, the payment is transferred to the web store after the inspection period is over. If the web store does not use the Buyer's Assistant feature, no changes can be made to orders via Maksuturva. In this case, it is better to contact the web store directly regarding changes.

I have not received my order, what should I do?

If the web store uses Maksuturva’s Buyer's Assistant- service, you can make a complaint there. A complaint freezes your order payment: it cannot be transferred to the merchant before the matter is solved and you have either cancelled the complaint yourself or reported the solution to Maksuturva’s Customer Service. A complaint also goes automatically in the form of a message to the web store, so the merchant is able to react to the matter. If the web store is not using the Buyer's Assistant feature, you should contact the web store’s Customer Service directly.

Why should I report my account number for a refund?

In some cases, you should report your account number in Buyer's Assistant if you have paid for your order from an online bank so that we can refund the payment to you. This is due to the fact that we do not collect or store consumers’ bank account or card information: in order to refund the payment to you, we must first know the number of the refund account. Reporting the account number in Buyer's Assistant is safe because all data transfer is encrypted and you are able to report your account number only via the confirmation link. This is one reason why the confirmation link is in use.

Until when can I make changes to my order?

Web stores have various procedures concerning how long you can make changes to your order as a customer via the Maksuturva service, presuming that the web store has the Buyer's Assistant feature in use. The date by which you can make changes in Buyer's Assistant- service is mentioned in Maksuturva’s notice of delivery email message. After this, the payment is transferred automatically to the web store.

How do I know when the order is delivered to me or when it should arrive?

You will receive an email message from Maksuturva after the merchant has added delivery information to your order. If the order has been sent as a registered delivery, you can monitor it via the Buyer's Assistant- service. You receive a dispatch notice from the transport company, and when you have acknowledged that the order has been received to the transport company, this information is transferred to Maksuturva. Then you get a notice of deliveryemail message in which you're informed about what to do next if you want to make changes to your order.

Maksuturva does not monitor the delivery of orders for which the merchant has not reported the tracking ID. For these orders, you receive an email notification where it is stated that you will receive your order within a few days. Maksuturva provides a certain date in the message by which you can make changes to the order. You can get more information about delivery of the order from the web store’s Customer Service.

Why haven’t I received order confirmation by email from Maksuturva?

Email is our primary channel of communication, and Maksuturva may send you important information about your order by email. For this reason, it is important that you provide a functioning email address in connection with your order and have checked to make sure the address is correct. If you suspect that the email address provided is incorrect, please contact our Customer Service. Do check your spam folder from time to time as well, since some email programs may filter our messages as spam.

I tried to make a purchase by invoice / part payment, but the purchase did not succeed, why?

The most common reason is a negative credit decision. Maksuturva is not provided with the details of a negative credit decision. In such instances, you should make contact with the credit issuer, which is Svea Ekonomi, Resurs Bank or Lowell Suomi Oy with web stores using Maksuturva.

Lowell Suomi Oy
02 – 2700 550

Resurs Bank
09 - 622 4308

Svea Ekonomi Ab
+358 (0)9 42 423330

I tried to make a purchase by card, but the purchase did not succeed, why?

Please check that your card has sufficient funds and that it is activated for paying online. You can check this from your own bank or card provider.

I have a question concerning payment by invoice, who should I contact?

In questions concerning paying by invoice and delaying the date due as well as other invoicing matters, you should contact Svea, Resurs Bank or Lindorff directly.

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