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Backed by extensive experience, Maksuturva offers first-class payment solutions for web stores operating both nationally in Finland and internationally.

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Helsinki, Head Office
Mechelininkatu 1 A 
FI-00180 Helsinki, FINLAND

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Invoicing address - Maksuturva Group Ltd

Online invoicing:

Online invoicing address / OVT code: 003721217030
Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
Operator’s code: 003710948874

Email invoices (pdf files):


Paper invoices:

Maksuturva Group Ltd 

P.O. Box 56606 



Invoicing address - Maksuturva ICT Services Ltd

Online invoicing:

Online invoicing address/OVT-code: 003724835993 
Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
Operator's code:003710948874

Email invoices (pdf files):


Paper invoices:

Maksuturva ICT Services Oy
PL 97089 



Business ID:s

Maksuturva Group Ltd  2121703-0
Maksuturva ICT Services Ltd  2483599-3