satisfiedSince the beginning of September we have conducted consumer research among web buyers who have made purchases via Maksuturva service. So far well over 700 consumers have responded and the amount is increasing daily. According to the interim report our service has received excellent feedback and some good development ideas that we will start implementing further in the coming months. Here are some results of our survey:

90 %The web store’s certificate site, which consumers can access by clicking the web store’s payment banner, received special thanks: As many as 90 % of consumers said it increases the feeling of security when shopping online. In addition to that 80 % felt the site gave better understanding of the payment methods available in the web store and of the return policies.


90 %Web buyer’s services were seen as a clear and simple service channel: 90 % agreed that they could find all the information they needed regarding the web store and the purchase. Web Buyer’s Services is the buyer’s self-service channel and a part of Maksuturva’s tools for returns management. The consumers can track the delivery and for instance fill in the returns form using this service channel.


94 %94 % of responders were satisfied with Maksuturva’s service and would recommend it to their acquaintances.



This is how the buyers commented our service:

"This was my first time using Maksuturva. It felt very secure to pay my purchase this way. This is a reliable service."

"I wish every web store were using this service. Very good!"

"The instructions were clear and functions easy to use when I needed to return the order. I am extremely satisfied."

"I have nothing negative to say, thank you!"

"In my opinion this service is easy and safe to use."

94 %It is also noteworthy that 94 % of consumers told they will read the terms and conditions at least to some extent before placing their order. Hence it is important to check that the web store’s terms ans conditions are up-to-date!

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