web store delivery timesThe beginning of this year was filled with news regarding the new EU directive created in order to unify both the regulation of ecommerce business and the protection of consumers within EU countries. Ecommerce in Finland is already mainly practiced by these rules but one section has left ecommerce practitioners wondering: In the beginning of 2014 it becomes possible for consumers to return the product even after using it and only compensate the decrease in the value of the product.

It remains to be seen how the directive will be implemented in real life. Nevertheless, it won’t be simple. In addition to the fact that the returned product cannot be sold as new anymore, also the already complex processes of managing product returns will become even more confusing: While checking the quality of the returned product, the employees will have to start analyzing the depreciation of the products. The amounts of refunds will have to be agreed with the customer every time.

How to deal with product returns and price reduction policies?

Already today, Maksuturva provides web stores with tools that automatize product returns and make the management of these processes cost efficient. With the help of the tools it is easy to communicate with customers and agree upon price reductions and refunds online. Moreover, tools for counting the price reductions can be included in the Tailored solutions. Maksuturva handles the money refunds and settlements automatically after receiving the approval of the merchant, and creates high quality reporting for accounting purposes as well.

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