We develop our services continuously in order to respond to our customers’ needs: In addition to our new Intelligent Invoice and Part Payment Service we have been developing other parts of our services as well, and now we are happy to present some whole new features. These features make web stores' processes more efficient than before and also upgrade the consumers’ shopping experience. The changes will be updated to all of Maksuturva’s services during May and June 2014.

New, mobile-optimized payment page

Paying online is going to be easier than ever! Our new page for paying web store orders is clear and responsive. Hence online shoppers will be able to pay their purchases easily by any of Maksuturva's payment methods via mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Responsive payment page

Order specifications to Extranet Service – Efficiency to returns management processes

So far web stores have not seen item specific information regarding the orders on our Extranet service, and hence they have been able to handle product returns only by managing monetary values. Starting from May our web store clients get access to order specifications, and can begin to manage returns and make refunds based on items shown on each order row – which makes the returns management process remarkably easier. Returns made by seller are shown to consumers on the Web Buyer’s Services and on Maksuturva’s Intelligent invoice.

New payment banners

Based on the feedback from our clients we are also going to renew the payment banners that present the payment methods available on each web store. There will be loads of new size options available so that everyone will be able to find one that is suitable for their web store. In addition to that, the web stores using Maksuturva’s returns management tools can market their superior features easier than before, because the banner links directly to the web store’s own Trust Certificate. This certificate tells the consumers that the web store in question is offering fluent service, clear processes for returning orders and, that it is functioning according to the new web store legislation.

New Payment Banner Maksuturva


As Maksuturva’s customer you will automatically solve the requirements of the new legislation that will set into force on 13th of June 2014.
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