E-commerce is based upon the tenets of customer orientation, and great focus is indeed generally put on site appearance and shopping experience. Ostensibly, business may be good – but any retailer aspiring to growth must ensure smooth processing of post-purchase special cases as well.

Efficient customer return processes

In Finland distance sales consumers have a near-universal right to return purchased goods within two weeks of purchase. Customers want to be able to cancel and return purchases, to get in contact with customer services, and to give feedback in the very same way they made the online purchase in the first place: at any time of day and with as little inconvenience as possible.

However, these requirements may prove a real headache for the online retailer. Returns alone require much manual work, usually involving at least a customer service representative, a handler and an inspector of the returned goods, someone with disposal of bank accounts, and an accountant. This is not to mention the even more laborious cases of compensation claims and partial returns.

Inefficient background processes absorb resources: online clothing shops
as a case in point

Manual returns processing is error-prone and consumes numerous valuable working hours. Consider clothing retailers as a case in point: an online clothing shop routinely faces the return of 25% of delivered goods, but as much as 50% is not unheard of. Processing a single return, all stages included, may easily take half an hour – incurring expenses of approximately €12 according to current average labour costs. On a scale of a thousand orders and with a returns rate of 25%, expenses may be as high as €3,000.

Quick calculations reveal how manual returns processing hinders growth and reduces the quality of customer experience. No business can afford to lose customers for reasons related to dysfunctional or slow returns processing or customer service. Moreover, in a world of social media, word of mouth travels faster than ever from one customer to another.

Streamlining returns processing

To help you streamline your returns processing, we have developed the online buyer’s Satisfaction Guarantee. The Satisfaction Guarantee automates customer service, money transactions and accounting entries in cases of returns and cancellations. The retailer needs only acknowledge acceptance and receipt of the returned goods. The customer gets access to an online service channel, which allows him or her to manage his or her orders at any time and from any device. Because this service is part of our payment solution with its fixed monthly fee, there are no variable, transaction-based costs whatsoever. With the Satisfaction Guarantee, the more your online shop sells, the more you save.

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”After starting to use Satisfaction Guarantee tools the amount of work related to our customer returns has decreased remarkably. special thanks to your quick and professional customer service.” Liisa Vilén, Nanso Group.

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