Press Release, Lindorff Oy 1/4/2014

Lindorff and Maksuturva logosIncreasing competition of customers as well as changes in the consumer protection act force web stores to develop advanced methods for serving their customers. In order to help web stores, Suomen Maksuturva and Lindorff launch an intelligent invoice and part payment service, which helps web stores to handle customers’ product returns fast and efficiently.

The Finns prefer invoice as a payment method when they are shopping online, and they also appreciate the chance for part payments – with which they can pay their purchase in parts without needing to commit to a permanent credit agreement or sharing credit card information. In addition to that Invoice as a method of payment has a positive effect on customers’ purchase decisions: It speeds up the decision making process, and increases both the average amount of money spent and customer loyalty.

The easiness and security of this payment method have been developed further in the intelligent invoice service provided by Lindorff and Suomen Maksuturva, because the order cancellations and returns can be taken into account automatically and in real time.

With this safe and trustworthy payment method the domestic web stores can differentiate themselves from their foreign competitors. By offering a flexible payment method will also increase the sales of the web store”, says the CEO of Lindorff, Turkka Kuusisto.

When the purchase is paid by intelligent invoice, the customers are able to make return notifications on their own online service channel. These notifications are registered to the web store in real-time and hence invoices sent to customers are always up-to-date. For web stores this automatized management of handling product returns means more efficient customer service and lighter book-keeping processes. Moreover, it solves the requirements that the new consumer protection act sets for web stores.

By offering an excellent shopping experience both before and after the purchase the web store can strengthen its customer loyalty. It is essential to understand that building customer loyalty online requires its own tools compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores”, says the CEO of Maksuturva, Mikael Smeds.

Lindorff provides web stores with effortless credit decisions and billing processes as a part of Maksuturva’s integrated management of web store’s payment methods. The new invoice and part payment service is also included in Itella Posti Oy’s Posti Maksuturva Payment Service.

Additional information:

Turkka Kuusisto, CEO, Lindorff Oy
tel. 050 351 8224

Mikael Smeds, CEO, Suomen Maksuturva Oy
tel. 09 4241 7060

Lindorff Oy is one of the leading European providers of debt-related administrative services. Lindorff’s invoice and part payment services for web stores and brick-and-mortar stores combines the management of credit decisions and credit agreements and provides vendors and consumers with an effortless paying experience. Lindorff produces payment methods under web store’s own brands. www.lindorff.fi

Suomen Maksuturva Oy provides Intelligent Online Payment Services for web stores. Maksuturva also maintains the Itella Posti Oy’s Posti Maksuturva Payment Services. The company’s consists for instance of Reima, Nanso Group, Interflora, Metsä Group, Fortum, Holiday club and big European web stores. The company’s actions follow the regulating acts of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

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