The annual eCommerce event, D-Congress is said to be “the meeting place for eCommerce in the Nordics”. Approximately 2000 professionals from the Nordic countries participate in the event. Among participants there are professionals from i.e. marketing, sales, IT and logistics. As tradition, professionals from Maksuturva are also taking part in this interesting event.

During this winter Maksuturva has launched a new video series called #kysymaksamisesta (in English “Ask about payments”). In the video series professionals answer questions about payments and address current topics and trends. This year, Tomas Lundqvist, Maksuturva’s Director, Sales and Marketing, and Martina Flygar, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, are traveling to Sweden to find out what the Swedes have to say about payments. 


Who knows best, the pros in Finland or Sweden?

We have participated in this event since 2013. This year we wanted to do something completely different, so we decided to make a Swedish version of our video series. We’ll see if this becomes a battle between the countries” says Martina Flygar.

Maksuturva offers intelligent payment solutions that are interesting to both Swedish and Finnish web shops. Maksuturva is Finland's leading expert when it comes to payment solutions especially designed for the nordic market. On top of a broad selection of payment methods, Maksuturva offers intelligent tools for i.e. reporting and return and refund management.  

You can find Maksuturva at stand G08:19 at the D-Congress fair on March 8th. Read more about the event https://dcongress.se

Check the videos: www.kysymaksamisesta.fi

Inquiries concerning the videoseries: martina.flygar@maksuturva.fi


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