Press Release on 16th of August 2013
Itella to introduce a new solution for online store product returns

In the fall, Itella Posti Oy will launch a solution for online stores which will make it easier for consumers to return purchases they make from online stores. Through Itella Maksuturva, consumer customers can track the delivery, contact the store, notify the store that they will return products, and print out an address card for returning the products. The service makes for safe payments for purchases, and safe refunds. Suomen Maksuturva Oy is Itella's partner.

itellaThe cooperation between Itella and Suomen Maksuturva is based on the EU's new regulations for distance sales, to be introduced in June 2014. These rules require online stores to harmonize their operating methods in regard to delivery and product returns.

“The growth of online commerce is largely based on consumers regarding the sales channel as a convenient way of purchasing products. According to a recent study by the European Commission, seven out of ten consumers do not know what action to take if an online purchase fails to match the order. Our solid competence in logistics services, combined with the payment safety service, helps consumers take action in the online store. Clear instructions make for an even better shopping experience and increase confidence in the online store,” says Aku Happo, director of Itella's eCommerce operations.

The Itella Maksuturva service is a comprehensive melange of logistics and payment transactions which serves online shoppers 24/7.

Effective background processes for online stores benefit shoppers and stores

Itella's solution is based on an intelligent payment forwarding service platform, launched by Suomen Maksuturva in 2009, which can be extensively connected to different online store solutions.

Through the automation and harmonization of return-related functions which require a lot of manual work, online stores will save resources and will eliminate a major bottleneck that hinders business growth.

“In Finland, consumers' online shopping still remains below ten percent of total trade, but it may quickly multiply as consumer behavior changes. Finnish online stores can only find success under pressure from international operators when they understand that a good-looking website is not enough to achieve a competitive edge – the background processes must also be in order,” says Mikael Smeds, Managing Director of Suomen Maksuturva.

For more press information:
Itella Corporation
Aku Happo, director, Itella eCommerce
Tel. 040 562 7065

Itella Posti Oy
Tommi Sunikka, Senior Development Manager, Itella Maksuturva service
tel. 0400 948 953

Suomen Maksuturva Oy
Mikael Smeds, Managing Director
tel. 0400 429 615

Itella Posti Oy provides mail services throughout Finland, including the deliveries of letters, publications and direct advertising, in addition to parcel and express transport services, Netposti, as well as Posti shops and outlets. Itella Posti Oy is part of the Itella Mail Communications business group, which reported net sales of MEUR 1,168 and employed 17,800 persons in 2012. Itella Mail Communications is part of Itella Group. www.itella.fi

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