tyytyvainenCustomer satisfaction is very important for us at Maksuturva. That’s why we keep track of our customer satisfaction in three different ways; yearly customer satisfaction surveys, partner satisfaction surveys, and continuous consumer satisfaction surveys. The results of the latest customer satisfaction survey have now been compiled and analyzed.

Maksuturva has a very positive image as a company among its customers (4,49 on a scale of 1 to 5). Our customer service is especially appreciated by our customers, and it is a significant contributor to the overall satisfaction.

We measure our customer service using, for example, statements such as:

  • Maksuturva’s customer service meets my expectations regarding professionalism and preciseness 4,65
  • I am satisfied with the speed of the customer service 4,73
  • I have received friendly service 4,70

At this point I would like to thank our customers for your excellent and valuable feedback. It is good to know that we have been able to serve you well.

Nevertheless, it is important to learn something new and find areas of improvement in every survey. From this survey we have picked the technical documentation as the main improvement area. We will need to explore our customers’ needs in this area more in detail before specifying the action plan. We will hence keep you updated about the progress in upcoming newsletters.

As summer is finally at the door, I would like to wish all our customers and partners a relaxing summer full of sunshine!

Magnus Enckell
Director, Partnerships and Customers

Maksuturva Media

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