Matti Heiskanen joined Maksuturva's team in January. But who is Matti and how did he find his way to Maksuturva?

Matti Heiskanen is Maksuturva's newest team member. Matti is very familiar with the e-commerce-field; he started working at Klarna, which at that time was called Kreditor, straight after high school. Matti worked with sales for approximately four years, after that it was time for him to move on and develop his knowledge, so he started studying business. After a year of studies he moved to England and started studying International Business Management at the University of Lincoln. Matti graduated in may 2017- in his bachelor's thesis he studied how a web store's layout and technical functionalities impact the consumer's buying behvaior. 

When working at Klarna, Matti got truly excited about the e-commerce field; especially about how the buying process could be simplified and made easier both from the consumer's and the merchant's point of view. Matti got acquainted with Maksuturva already when he worked at Klarna, and he says that he is excited about finally finding his way to Maksuturva.

”Maksuturva is a pioneer, well among other things, in mobile payments. I truly believe that Maksuturva has a bright future ahead”, Matti explains.

Matti has enjoyed his short time at Maksuturva. "It was a warm welcome and it feels great to be a part of a hard working team", Matti says. He explains that he is eager to be back in business as the development of the e-commerce field is greater then ever.  ”It is amazing to see how the whole business has developed since 2008 and it is nice to be part of everything that is happening right now, and especially as a part of the team at Maksuturva. I think I've learned something new during each day of these past weeks and I just have to say, that that sea view we have is pretty cool too”, Matti says.

Matti is especially interested in making the whole buying process easier both from the consumer's and merchant's point of view. 

Maksuturva's financial services-team seems to attract sportsmen whom are familiar with har work and goal setting.  The director of financial services, Joona Hertola is a former handball player and Matti himself used to compete in swimming for nine years. Nowadays he has moved over to triathlon. Mattis next goal is to start competing in cycling. Besides of setting goals and working hard, Matti likes to chill out with his friends and just relax.


Welcome to the team Matti!



Matti Heiskanen
Account Manager

Mobile: +358 50 383 0689


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