Magnus_EnckellMaksuturva grew in September when Magnus Enckell started as a Partnership and Customer Director. Through this new position Maksuturva aims to strenghten the management of its partners and clients as well as further develop its services according to the market needs. Here are Magnus’ thoughts about Maksuturva and his position.

Why I wanted to work for Maksuturva
Maksuturva’s industry, future aspects and the new open position raised my interest. I have worked with sales and sales lead and development for over 15 years within different industries, and hence I have built a strong basis for succeeding in this job. The trade industry in general and especially ecommerce are developing fast, and it is inspiring to be part of building something new, something that no one can yet know for sure what it is going to be like in the end.

My tasks at Maksuturva
I am responsible of the key partnerships and clients of Maksuturva. In practice it means that my job is to listen to the needs and hopes of our partners and clients, to analyze these needs and purposefully drive the co-operation further. I am also in charge of our customer service and its development. I am enthusiastic about this job because I think Maksuturva has a transcendent service, that I am happy to sell and develop further in co-operation with our partners.

Expectations and objectives for working at Maksuturva
Maksuturva's team has excellent spirit so naturally I expect and hope to develop this co-operation from my part. I believe Maksuturva has a great chance to grow faster than its industry average, so my goals are naturally high. High-quality customer service is an essential part of our service, which means that taking care of that function and developing it is also a relevant part of my plans.


Magnus Enckell, partnership and customer director

Age: 45
Education: Ph.D. in Economics
Working experience: Over 15 years of experience working in sales, sales lead and development for instance as Business Unit Director at Psycon Oy, as Competence Development Manager at Comptel Oyj, and as CIO and Knowledge Manager at Mercuri International Oy
Family: Wife and 4 kids
Additional information: http://fi.linkedin.com/in/menckell/ »

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