New cooperation agreement between Maksuturva Group Oy, which is specialized in online payment systems, and Poplatek Payments Oy, a supplier of payment terminals, improves the flow of payment transactions in storefronts.

Under the cooperation agreement, companies with online and storefront operations can also purchase payment terminals from Maksuturva Group, in addition to over 20 online payment methods, with a one-stop shopping principle. According to the Managing Director of Maksuturva Group, Mikael Smeds, intelligent payments make product returns easy, for instance.

- ”The boundaries between online shopping and store sales are further collapsing. Consumers’ shopping habits require the retail sector to change in order to make payments easier and less noticeable. In my opinion, payment alone is not enough anymore; the needs of users need to be considered more broadly. From the perspective of a merchant, manual work should be automated. Consumers often lose their warranty receipts and when they buy larger items they want the option of making purchases conveniently with payment installments from home. These are some of the things that we solve more intelligently than our Maksuturva_POS_1920px.jpgcompetitors,” promises Smeds.

Broader collaboration between Maksuturva and Polatek began in 2014 in connection with the implementation of an online store for Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). This created an excellent foundation for payment service integrations between the companies.

- ”We at Poplatek are excited to work with Maksuturva to build omni-channel payment services of the future that consumers and merchants want. A smooth shopping experience for the consumer and cross-usage of payment and cash refunds on the web and in a brick-and-mortar shop are things the retail sector are sure to appreciate. We have a lot of experience in versatile payment terminal solutions for both retail storefronts as well as unmanned payment platforms, and by partnering with Maksuturva we are able to deliver new services with Finnish world-class software expertise,” says Petri Ahti, Managing Director of Poplatek Payments.

Maksturva payment terminals will enter the market on March 3rd, 2016. You are welcome to come and see and learn about the terminals at Maksuturva Group’s offices from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on March 4th, 2016.

For more information:

Mikael Smeds
Managing Director, Maksuturva Group Oy & Maksuturva ICT Services Oy
+358 400 429 615

Petri Ahti
Managing Director, Poplatek Payments Oy
+358 400 867 033

Maksuturva Group Ltd is a global payment institution specialized in intelligent payment systems and supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). The company’s customers include Zalando, HSL, eQ Varainhoito, Nanso Group and Holiday Club. Technical implementation of payment services is done by a separate ICT service company, Maksuturva ICT Services Oy, along with certified service providers. Maksuturva Group’s and Maksuturva ICT Service’s specialists work in the same facilities in the Keilaniemi District of Espoo.

Poplatek Payments Oy is a Finnish service company specialized in solutions for payment terminals and payment systems. The payment terminal solutions we provide make it easy and safe to receive payments. Our customers include RAY, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa and HSL. We operate nation-wide through our ever-expanding dealer network and we import Atos Worldline payment terminals. Our own payment terminal service has the highest certificates in the industry.

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