PRESS RELEASE 17 July 2018   

Mobile payments continue to rise in popularity in Finland: almost a third of all online purchases are made with a mobile device. Mobile payments have not been as popular in Finland as what they are in the Nordics overall, but a significant positive trend can be seen as more and more actors have noticed the rise in popularity for mobile payments. Maksuturva Group Ltd, known as a pioneer when it comes to payment solutions, has made a collaboration and distribution agreement with OP Group’s Pivo Wallet.

Mobile payments are becoming more and more popular among consumers -  more than 76 % of Finns have already paid for their purchases with a mobile device. New mobile payment solutions offer consumers easy and quick payments, whilst merchants have the opportunity to do business effectively in any channel the buyer chooses to use.

As a result of Pivo’s and Maksuturva’s agreement, Pivo mobile payments will be added to Maksuturva’s wide range of payment methods. Maksuturva’s customers can offer smooth and safe Pivo mobile payments to their consumer customers in their web stores, applications and in Facebook Messenger. Maksuturva offers all payment methods with one contract, so adding Pivo to the payment methods is fast and effortless for the merchant. Pivo will be available via Maksuturva during the summer.

”Pivo is definitely one of the most anticipated and versatile mobile wallet applications. Paying for purchases online has become easier and faster for the consumer thanks to mobile applications.  Pivo is an excellent example of this new way of paying which is also happening online. One of Pivo’s most unique features is that it does not only support card payments, but also payments from the user’s bank account that has been connected to the app. This is a very positive feature for users in Finland as Finns are known for preferring online bank payments when it comes to online shopping”, says Maksuturva Group’s CEO Mikael Smeds. 

Pivo is a diverse mobile wallet and payment application for everyone – you do not have to be a customer in any specific bank to be able to use Pivo. With Pivo the user can pay contactless in brick-and-mortar stores as well as in thousands of Finnish webstores – without needing any online banking codes or card information as the payment is always confirmed directly in the Pivo-app.  The user can also follow up her consumption and her purchase history, send money to another user and receive discounts for purchases in her favorite stores. Anybody can use Pivo, regardless of which bank’s customers they are and the payments made with Pivo are always free of charge for the consumer. The number of Pivo-users is increasing continuously – now Pivo has been downloaded already over a million times.

Hehku is one of the first of Maksuturva’s customers to add Pivo to their payment method selection online. Hehku is a unique store chain that specializes in wellbeing. “Hehku serves customers both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. We offer a wide range of products and services that promote wellbeing, health and beauty. We have noticed quite a clear rise in popularity for the use of mobile payments and we also want that all of our customers find a payment method that suits them. Pivo is an easy, quick and safe mobile payment method, and therefore it suits well as a payment method in our Hehku.fi- web store”, says Pia Hatakka, Hehku’s Manager Digital Sales & Services.


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Mikael Smeds
CEO, Maksuturva Group


Maksuturva Group Ltd  offers first-class payment solutions for web stores functioning both nationally in Finland and internationally. Maksuturva  is authorized by Finland’s Financial Supervisory Authority. The company’s clients include e.g. Finland’s Olympic Committee, Zalando, Neste, Holiday Club, Reima and Kotipizza. A separate ICT service company, Maksuturva ICT Services Oy, is responsible for the technical implementation of payment services, together with certified service providers. For more information, see www.maksuturva.fi/en


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