Press release 20 October 2017

Two innovative companies start a co-operation – Maksuturva Group Oy offers a tailored payment solution to a new booking system and social platform for horseback riding developed by Hopoti Software Oy that brings together riders and horse stables.

Maksuturva Group Oy, a payment institution specialized in intelligent payment solutions, and Hopoti Software Oy started their collaboration in the spring of 2017. Hopoti Software Oy has developed a unique booking system and social platform for horseback riding stables in co-operation with the Equestrian Federation of Finland. Maksuturva has since its establishment been a forerunner in its field so it was natural for these two innovative companies to collaborate with the goal to offer customers an advanced service.

”Here at Maksuturva we were instantly excited about the idea. Hopoti has done a great job in developing a good platform and we are proud to be a part of the start of a cutting-edge service. We believe that this platform has all the possibilities to become the leading service of this kind in Finland and in Europe”, says Maksuturva’s Director DevOps and founder Konsta Karvinen.

On the Hopoti platform, riding stables can sell individual lessons, courses or season tickets. The service is not however just a booking system, but through the Hopoti platform stables can for example manage and plan the use of horses, track sales and statistics and get reports for book-keeping in addition to their customers being able to pay for their lessons, courses or season tickets at the same time they make a booking. A service this comprehensive has presumably never been implemented in Finland or elsewhere. There are partial services available, but Hopoti allows the management of the entire process and online, which means that the user is not required to download any separate software on to their device. The basic idea of the platform could be used in many different services.

”The need of the customers of riding stables have changed and individuality is more and more visible in today’s activities. The Equestrian Federation of Finland has worked in close co-operation with Hopoti Software Oy in developing the software and we believe that it will make the everyday life of riding stable entrepreneurs considerably easier. Maksuturva is also a long-time partner of the Equestrian Federation of Finland and we knew that from Maksuturva we could get a payment solution that answers our software’s needs”, says Secretary General Fred Sundwall from the Equestrian Federation of Finland.

Riders have long hoped for a service, where it would be possible to pay for the booking of lessons or season tickets, so Hopoti has been an awaited service. Paying is one of the central features of the Hopoti platform: through Maksuturva’s payment solution, all the most popular payment methods are available on the Hopoti platform, including online bank and card payments as well as Part Payment, that has the potential to completely revolutionize the sales amounts of riding stables, as stables do not need to handle invoicing themselves anymore and riders can enjoy the flexibility of Part Payment. Additionally, on the Hopoti platform, riders can track their progress and in the future also use different social features, such as blogs, groups and photo sharing. An important feature of the service is also that through Hopoti a rider can find the stables or course suitable for them all around Finland, which makes it considerably easier than before  to purchase lessons or courses.

”The range of payment methods, the possibility to make settlements to several parties with the multi-vendor settlement model and ability to tailor solutions are unique on the Finnish market. From Maksuturva we could get a payment service that fits Hopoti’s platform best. Maksuturva was able to tailor a solution that was just right for us. We believe that in the future Maksuturva can also provide services for us more comprehensively in Europe”, says Ville Salonen, Sales Director at Hopoti Software Oy.

The piloting of the Hopoti platform was done in the fall of 2017 and at the moment the site has around 700 visitors per day, which means that the platform is widely used and that there is interest towards the service. The platform is continuously developed to reflect the needs of riders and riding stables. The service has recently been opened to everyone and both riders and riding stables anywhere in Finland can now register. Expansion abroad is also already underway.


Additional information:

Konsta Karvinen
Director, DevOps, Maksuturva Group Oy 
+358 40 502 0826

Ville Salonen
Sales Director, Hopoti Software Oy
+358 44 242 0690


Maksuturva Group Oy is a payment institution operating under the Financial Supervisory Authority and internationally, specialised in intelligent payment, and a PCI DSS-certified provider of payment services. The company’s clients include e.g. Zalando, Finland’s Olympic Committee, Hobby Hall, Reima, Neste and Kotipizza. A separate ICT service company, Maksuturva ICT Services Oy, is responsible for the technical implementation of payment services, together with certified service providers. www.maksuturva.fi 

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