Press Release: 17/01/2014

More and more consumers are choosing web stores as an option for traditional shopping. However, the growing e-commerce market is regulated by a law on distance sales and in June the new EU directive will add requirements, e.g. on customer returns and money refunds. The new regulations will require better methods of serving consumers of web stores. To meet this challenge, Suomen Maksuturva Oy and Itella Posti Oy will launch an intelligent invoice and part payment service in April.

As e-commerce becomes more common, consumers expect increasingly smooth service in all purchasing situations. One major challenge in the management of order returns is that the consumers’ return information is not immediately transmitted to the web store. In most cases data travels with the return package, and its consistent handling requires manual work, which involves a risk of error. If the purchase is chosen to be paid by invoice, it is common that the consumer will not receive a replacement invoice before the due date. Therefore he or she will not know how much ought to be paid for the remaining items.

The new intelligent invoice and part payment service is always up to the task, because consumers provide the return information via 24/7 online service and it registers with the web store in real time. Since data is updated automatically, consumers always know what they have returned and what the invoice actually contains. At the same time, information about returns is directly available to the web store. From the merchant's viewpoint, the intelligent invoice and part payment service also allows for payments to be settled to the web store based on individual shopping carts, when they would normally be batched on a daily basis. For the online store, this means easier accounting and unified methods of payment management.

"The new service will be available at the end of April, from the extensive software partner network of Suomen Maksuturva Oy. In addition, it will be included in Itella Posti Oy’s Posti Maksuturva payment service, which was launched in November 2013. I believe that this payment service will achieve a high demand owing to its intelligence and visual customizability", says Mikael Smeds, CEO of Suomen Maksuturva Oy.

"The Maksuturva invoice and part payment service meets the needs of the most demanding businesses, and at the same time handles the central challenges of the new EU directive", says Anders Falck, Business Director of Itella Posti Oy.

For more information:

Mikael Smeds
CEO, Suomen Maksuturva Oy
+358 9 4241 7060

Anders Falck
Business Director, Itella Posti Oy
+358 20 451 5065

Itella Posti Oy provides mail services throughout Finland, including the delivery of letters, newspapers, and direct marketing materials, parcel and express transport services, Netposti, and Posti shops and outlets. Itella Posti Oy is part of the Itella Mail Communications business group, with 17,800 employees and a turnover of EUR 1,168 million in 2012. Itella Mail Communications is part of the Itella Group. www.itella.fi

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