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The status and development of online business-to-business sales has been a popular item in the media over the past six months. Several surveys indicate that online b2b sales is growing, but the absence of practical and reliable payment services have been an obstacle for a higher growth rate. Maksuturva and Svea Ekonomi are now launching a new b2b-service, Yrityslasku, to remove this obstacle.

B2b_lasku2Corporate customers have increasing expectations on the user-friendliness and ease-of-use of the online services they use, a development to which they have grown accustomed as consumers. Their overall expectation includes the user-friendliness and usability of the payment part of the shopping experience. They are no longer willing to settle for an interface reminiscent of an old ERP system and, in the worst case, having to pay with their personal credit card. The merchant’s challenge when selling on invoice is the increased risk: a merchant does not have the same resources as a credit institution to monitor their customers’ credit rating or collect unpaid debts.

The Yrityslasku b2b-invoice solves these issues in online business-to-business sales and provides all participating merchants the opportunity to sell their products and services to corporate customers with the same user experience as to consumers.

The Yrityslasku b2b-invoice service differs from other payment services available in the market by its user-friendliness and credit functionality. The risks related to providing credit and collecting bad debts are transferred to the credit institution in the same way as in consumer web shopping. Removing the risk the merchant would have to carry in selling using invoicing, is a significant booster for online business-to-business sales.

For additional information please contact

Magnus Enckell, Director, Partnerships and Customers
Suomen Maksuturva Oy
+358 40 561 0372

Maria Matintalo, Director of Finance
Svea Ekonomi
+358 50 342 4902

Suomen Maksuturva Oy is an authorized payment institution supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). We provide intelligent online payment services for web stores: the wide variety of payment methods and settlements models as well as value-added tools for managing product returns automate web stores’ processes, save resources and help them offer high quality customer service also after sales.

Svea Ekonomi is a leading actor in northern Europe and has offered financial and administrative services since 1981. Our service portfolio includes factoring, ledger administration and debt administration. The Svea Ekonomi Group is authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and has offices in eight countries and collaboration partners all over the world. By combining new technology and innovative solutions with a high degree of personal service with focus on the client, we will always offer the better alternative to our clients and partners.

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