The payment institution and intelligent payment service provider, Suomen Maksuturva, operating under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority, is expanding its operations abroad and changing its name to Maksuturva Group. This change is based on the need of Maksuturva companies to adapt to the requirements of international e-commerce and to begin offering services in the Nordic countries.verkkokauppa_maailma

Research statistics from Ecommerce Europe, which monitors the development of e-commerce, show that in 2013 e-commerce grew by an average of 16.3% in Europe and 13.6% worldwide over the previous year. The same statistics show that in 2013 Finnish e-commerce grew by only 5.9% while Swedish e-commerce grew by 19.4% over the previous year. For Maksuturva, the digitalisation of trade is clearly reflected in increased demand for payment services that allow companies registered in Finland to sell their products and services effectively to Sweden. Maksuturva estimates that Swedish and German online stores will continue their conquest of the Finnish consumer market, and that these foreign online stores will want to offer the payment methods that Finnish consumers prefer. The most popular payment methods used by Finns are still online bank payments, invoice and part payment services, as well as card payments.

For Maksuturva Group, the basis for internationalization is the payment institution's authorization, which allows it to extend its operations in the EEA. The first step in this expansion is to Sweden and Germany, where Maksuturva already has prominent customers. (https://www.maksuturva.fi/en/references/)

"Since we have offered conventional and intelligent payment services to online stores for seven years, I can say with a clear conscience that the 'proof of concept' phase has already been completed for Finnish markets. The first phase of our expansion will be conducted in Sweden. This is natural for us, since our sales, partner, and customer service organizations are already able to serve in Swedish, English and Finnish," says the company's founder and CEO Mikael Smeds, for whom Swedish is his second native language.

In March, Maksuturva Group will publish its principal foreign partners and the services that they will be offering together.

For additional information please contact

Mikael Smeds, CEO
Maksuturva Group Ltd
+358 9 4241 7060

Maksuturva Group Ltd is an internationally operating, authorized payment institution supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA), specialized in providing intelligent online payment services. Among Maksuturva’s prominent customers can be found businesses such as Zalando, Lekmer, Yle, Reima, Marimekko, Nanso Group and Holiday Club. The technical aspects of Maksuturva’s payment services are provided and controlled by an ICT-company, Maksuturva ICT Services Ltd, together with certified technical partners. The experts of Maksuturva Group and Maksuturva ICT Services work together in the same facilities in Ruoholahti, city of Helsinki.

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