Kaupan Maailma magazine and easyFairs - Myymälä event arranged Retail Awards for the fourth time and rewarded the winners on Wednesday 27th of February, 2013 at the Finnish Fair Center.


The winners were selected by a jury of retail industry representatives and stakeholders. The criteria for the award were for instance innovativeness, uniqueness, financial stability and novelty value. The concept of Retail Awards is popular also in Sweden, where for instance Ikea and Brandos were among last year’s winners.

The security solution of the year | Retail Awards 2013 prize was given to Maksuturva Satisfaction Guarantee. Web stores using Satisfaction Guarantee promise their customers that the orders are delivered in time and in expected condition. Moreover, thanks to Satisfaction Guarantee these web stores provide their customers with 24/7 easy-to-use tools for returning the order or giving feedback.

While the volumes of ecommerce businesses have started to grow, the amounts of customer returns have also increased. Hence managing the return processes on the side of the core business becomes challenging. Satisfaction Guarantee gives web stores efficient tools for taking care of a wide customer base by automatizing functions that are normally carried out manually with a high risk of human errors. With these tools the web stores are able to fulfill the legal regulations for return processes cost-efficiently and flawlessly.

This kind of service enables high level customer service also after sales, which increases the customers’ trust towards online shopping. In the long run this may affect the development of the whole Finnish eCommerce business.

“Suomen Maksuturva Oy launched its payment service platform including Satisfaction Guarantee already in 2009, and it is still a unique service in Finland. Now, as the web store volumes are rapidly increasing, we are able to deliver solutions that the market really needs. It’s a great honor to be acknowledged as a Retail Awards winner after five years of hard work”, thanks Mikael Smeds, the CEO of Maksuturva.

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Many web stores (such as www.nansoshop.com, www.aukia.fi and www.duosport.fi) are already using the Satisfaction Guarantee

”After starting to use Satisfaction Guarantee tools the amount of work related to our customer returns has decreased remarkably. special thanks to your quick and professional customer service.” Liisa Vilén, Nanso Group.

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