Eu direktiiviChanges in consumer protection legislation that are based on an EU directive and affect the operations of web stores enter into force on 13 June 2014. There has been a lot of talk about the demands of the legislation, but so far online retailers have been left alone to find the solutions. You can find a tool from Maksuturva’s service that solves many of the demands efficiently in a way that boosts the competitiveness of your web store.

New requirements

  • Consumers shall be given comprehensive prior information related to purchasing, payment methods, deliveries and cancelation policies. Prior information must also be included in an order confirmation.
  • There shall not be any hidden costs in the pricing of an web store, nor shall there be any pre-selected boxes on an order form that result in more costs. Any charges for payment methods or service phone calls shall not exceed the costs of providing them.
  • The consumer shall make a separate order cancellation notification to the seller: it is no longer enough to return the goods or not pick them up. The instructions for cancellation shall be provided to the consumer via email or with the goods, for example. An acknowledgement of an electronic cancellation notice shall be sent to the consumer when the notification has been received.
  • Money shall be refunded to the consumer within 14 days after the web store has received the return notification, assuming that the consumer has returned the delivered goods or has provided evidence of having returned the goods. As a general rule, refunds shall be paid using the same payment method used by the consumer to buy when making the purchase.
  • An online retailer can obligate a consumer to pay for the costs of cancellation in future. However, this must be communicated clearly to the consumer in prior information. If the consumer has used a product or an ordered service has been started, the web store has the right subtract the reduction in value from the sum of the refund.

An easy way to solve the requirements

Maksuturva-service is a cost efficient way to satisfy the new requirements especially regarding cancellations and monetary refunds. The service offers a channel for online payment, and easy-to-use plug ’n play tools that help manage returns in accordance with the law.

The provision of prior information is made easier with the comprehensive delivery terms that are part of the Maksuturva service, as well as the web store’s own trust certificate. After paying for an order, the consumer gains access to a self-service channel where he or she can track deliveries, check information about the web store and make an order cancellation notification if necessary.

An electronic cancellation form for web buyers collects the return information and transmits them to the web store in a standardized format – thus managing returns does not require extra processing of notifications. Confirmation of the receipt of an order cancellation shall also be sent to the consumer’s email address in accordance with the law. The web store has to only acknowledge a product as returned, after which the intelligent system refunds the money automatically using the payment method used in purchases.

If an online retailer decides to charge the buyer for the returning costs, it can specify the return costs when acknowledging the return, and they are reduced from the refund sum automatically. Any possible reductions in value can also be processed through the return tools in future. All movements of money are clearly visible in the accounting reports provided by the service, and thus they facilitate the operations and investigations related to financial administration.


Maksuturva's tools include for instance an easy-to-use online return form, which can be customized according to the web store's brand. Maksuturva's tools include for instance an easy-to-use online return form, which can be customized according to the web store's brand.

EU directive »
Report of consumer law task force (Finnish) »
Consumer Protection Act with amendments that come into force on 13 June (Finnish) »

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