We are going to update the terms and conditions regarding our Maksuturva and eMaksut services based on the section 25 of the current terms. The changes will be valid from 7th of October 2013 onwards. We kindly ask you to review the new documents before that date.

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Most of the changes have been made in order to clarify the terms and conditions and to increase the understandability - which in turn ensures that we fullfil all the legislative regulations and the requirements of banks and other financial institutions. The main purpose is to unify the terms and conditions practices of all our eMaksut and Maksuturva service agreements.

Please pay special attention to the following sections:

SECTION 9 Payments and costs

  • Billing the costs of manual work caused by the orders of the Enforcement authority

SECTION 27 Term, termination and recission

  • Maksuturva's right to terminate the agreement for instance in the case of payment defaults


We valua our customer relationships in all situations. If you consider these changes unacceptable, please contact our team by sending email to tuki@maksuturva.fi. We are happy to help you with all questions related to our service.

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