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Technical support for partners 

Three reasons to choose Maksuturva as your online payment partner

Our partner program is directed towards our retailers and technology partners. The partners who belong to the program obtain support in marketing, sales and technical implementation. Selected partners also get to impact our product development via the partner forum.

1. The ability to resolve Enterprise level needs in addition to a package solution

Our partners thank us not only for our wide range of payment methods but also for how we’re able to tailor our solutions. Each and every customer is different. A customer’s payment solution can be handled either with the Maksuturva Commerce package or by the Enterprise solution, which enables the realization of special needs.

2. Operational and general reliability

Our solutions are reliable and accessibility to each service is ensured. You can trust that Maksuturva’s services function under all circumstances and fulfill all principles of legislation as well as best business practices.

3. Support and technical documentation

Whether you're an online merchant or a system supplier, you get the technical support you need for the solutions we provide. Our technical documentation is comprehensive and helps you at all stages connected with deployment of the system.


Become our partner

  • Innofactor
  • Solita
  • Eficode
  • Soprano
  • Viskan
  • Viidakko Store
  • Vilkas
  • Vaimo
  • Oscar Software
  • Sofokus
  • Lamia
  • Smilehouse
  • Askas
  • Kotisivukone
  • Kisko Labs
  • Gambit
  • Solteq
  • AndersInno

Sales materials

Price list

Our service includes the payment buttons for online banks in Finland, card payments, many invoice and part payment services, PayPal and B2B Invoice. Check our price list.


We have compiled the Maksuturva and Satisfaction Guarantee logos into one easily downloaded package. Download the logos.


Web store platforms and software suppliers

Since 2008, we have engaged decisively in work with the suppliers of various web store platforms. Our work is based on long-term effort. We always want to develop our services and operational methods to make them better and better. 

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eCommerce Go-Kart Championship

We arrange a very highly regarded annual invitational event for our partners. During an exciting afternoon and evening, we enjoy the thrill of speed, good company and the sharing of current events and news. This gets talked about in web store field circles and the event is eagerly awaited each year.

What’s new in our services

You’ll find examples below of the newest features in our service and their benefits to your customers.

Display of part payments on the product pages
Renewal of card payment
Payment solution for B2B web stores
Intelligent Invoice and Part Payment
Tools for handling returns/refunds


Order the service for your customer

If you wish, you can order the service on behalf of your customer.


Technical support

In Technical Support you’ll find the interface descriptions, documentation and implementation tips for developers.