Maksuturva Commerce

Maksuturva Commerce is targeted to companies that are looking for growth by investing in the possibilities of online business.

In addition to the most modern payment method range on the market, you can handle online payment traffic, reporting, refunds and many other support tasks.



Over 20 payment methods in the same package

Maksuturva Commerce is targeted to companies that want to take their online business to a new level. In addition to methods of payment, you obtain effective tools for the management of returns/refunds and reporting.

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Part payment and invoice

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B2B-related sales

Online banking


Card payments


Additional options


Easy activation

All required payment methods with one contract. Management through one channel.

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Effective management of returns and refunds

By using the return/refund tools, you can handle product returns and refunds conveniently.

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Clear reporting and settlements

Make your web store accounting easier. Find suitable settlement and reporting for your needs.

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Price list

Initial payment: EUR 100
Monthly fee: EUR 79 / month (term of notice: one month)
Monthly fee (12-month contract): EUR 70 / month
Monthly fee (24-month contract): EUR 65 / month
Monthly fee (36-month contract): EUR 59 / month


Transaction fees

Online bank: EUR 0.35 (Nordea: EUR 0.50)
Card (debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard): EUR 0.35 + 1.55%
MobilePay + EUR 0.11 / order (in addition to the card payment transaction fee). 
Pivo EUR 0,35 + 1,55%
Siirto EUR 0,35 + 0,95 %
Svea Ekonomi Invoice: EUR 2.45 + 2,95%
Svea Ekonomi Part Payment Free-of-charge for web store
B2B Invoice: EUR 2.45 + 2.95 %
Refund via Extranet service EUR 1 / each (not charged if the Buyer's Assistant -service is in use)


Transaction fees: expanded payment services

PayPal: According to PayPal pricing
American Express (with own contract):: EUR 0.25 + fee charged by American Express
Diners Club (with own contract): EUR 0.25 + fee charged by Diners Club


Services subject to surcharges

Gross settlements (invoicing of transaction payments afterwards) EUR 49 / month
Buyer's Assistant -service for effective handling of returns and refunds: EUR 50 / month and EUR 0.39 / paid shopping basket
Shopping basket-specific settlement with original shopping basket reference number daily: + EUR 0.08 / settlement
Branding of payment page and possible return/refund form: Contact us for more information!

Payment services in order with one contract

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Supported web store platforms

Maksuturva is engaged in extensive cooperation with hundreds of various software partners and web store platforms. We are decisively and continuously developing our services for the requirements of the future.

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