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Intelligent recurring payments

Offer your customers the opportunity to choose carefree recurring payments. Intelligent recurring payments are suitable for i.e. the following types of payments:

  • Monthly payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Gym memberships
  • Donations
  • Licenses

Maksuturva's recurring payment is an intelligent payment method that functions and is administrated in the same way as purchases made with any other payment method. 

Intelligent recurring payments can be combined with all the web shop- tools that Maksuturva offers- like for instance transaction-based settlements and return tools.                                                           




Intelligent recurring payments can be combined with two payment methods – Customers can choose card payment or billing


Recurring card payment

The customer only needs to save her card information via Maksuturva's payment service once - after that the merchant can charge the customer's card according to the agreement that has been made. The credit- or debit-card information can either:

  • be saved when a purchase is made, this is for recurring payments for i.e. subscriptions or monthly payments or
  • alternatively only be registered for future payments, then the card will only be charged when the customer wishes to make a transaction/ for single purchases 



The customer registers her social security number in Maksuturva's payment service once-  after that the merchant can send her a bill on a regular basis according to the agreement made.

  • your customer can choose carefree billing- convenient for subscriptions
  • it is enough that your customer registers her social security number once, after that the bill will be sent to her automatically


Case Sannan Ruokakassi

Recurring payments bring ease to paying and the web store’s processes

Six years ago, when Sanna Lindroos was sitting at the kitchen table and thinking of what to cook for dinner and planning her shopping, she suddenly got a thought: how convenient would it be, if you could get your groceries delivered to your door and someone had already planned your meals! There was no such service in Finland, so she decided to come up with one. The service is based on a passion for cooking and enjoying healthy food as well as wanting to make people’s everyday life easier.

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