Effective return and refund management

With our return and refund management tools, product returns and refunds are handled effectively.

Save time and money by handling returns and refunds with the best tools on the market


Maksuturva offers two effective and convenient alternatives for web store product return- and refund- management:

  • With the Extranet-service, always a part of our core-product, you can easily take care of refunds
  • As an additional service, we offer an online return form that allows your web store to handle returns more effectively 

With the online return form you can offer your customers a quick and easy way to take care of returns anywhere at anytime.

Manage payment refunds in Extranet

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Extranet is a always a part of our service packages. Web store staff to conveniently handle refunds via the service.

  • During the return period defined by the web store (e.g., 14 days from payment), payments can be easily refunded to buyers either fully or partly.
  • Regardless of the payment method, refunds are always made either within the Extranet service or via the interface (API)
  • Payments are always automatically refunded to the customer in the original payment format (bank, card, invoice, part payment).

No more asking customers for bank account details, troublesome bank transfers or crediting of invoices - let's make payment refunds easier!

Manage product returns more effectively with the online-return-form

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In addition to the Extranet service, we offer your customers a 24/7-self-service-channel where customers are able to personally make a notification of products they wish to return. 

  • No more old-fashioned paper forms – an online return form that fits right in with the image of your web store improves the customer experience
  • Automatic gathering and utilization of the return/refund data supports warehouse and purchases-based planning.
  • Automated refunds applied to the payment method used by the buyer after web store confirmation
  • The online return form is mobile optimized and works on all devices

An online form reduces contacts with Customer Service and the return is handled by confirming the return when received by the seller. We'll handle the rest!

The online return form in a nutshell

Offer your customer a quick and easy way to  take care of returns 

The web store gets a notification of an incoming return immediately after a customer has filled out the online return form.


Make refunds easy 

Payments are always automatically refunded to the customer in the original payment format (bank, card, invoice, part payment)

All information concerning payments and returns can be found in one place.

A satisfied customer will return to the web store again and again.


Handle product returns more effectively 

The only thing the web store has to do is to confirm that the return has been handled.

After this, Maksuturva will take care of the payment-refund.


Case Moda Aukia

In addition to a wide selection of payment methods, Aukias’s service includes Maksuturva’s tools for managing returns and refunds, which makes the handling of product returns and refunds fast and efficient.

Watch the Case-video (in Finnish) or read the whole case in English

The following web stores rely on Maksuturva's online return form.

  • HSL
  • Zalando
  • Reima
  • Atria
  • Messukeskus
  • Koti Pizza
  • Henri Lloyd
  • Fjällraven
  • Bauhaus
  • EQ
  • Silmäasema
  • Paulig
  • Neste
  • Olympiakomitea
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