Reliable and easy payment services

Backed by extensive experience, Maksuturva offers first-class payment solutions for web stores operating both nationally in Finland and internationally.


The starting point is ease of use

Purchasing from web stores is increasing also in the business enterprise sector. Company personnel buying on the corporate tab are able to make purchases conveniently – without the need to register the purchasing company in advance.

  • A quick and easy payment method for corporate customers: there's no need to pre-enter information or go through troublesome registration processes.

  • Forget credit- and fraud-related risks! Company information is checked by Svea Ekonomi and the buyer is identified within an encrypted environment. The web store gets its money – whether the client company has paid or not.

  • An excellent tool for new customer acquisition in B2B online commerce – a minimum purchase of EUR 5 and a maximum purchase of even EUR 5 000.

  • Rapid deployment and quick settlements – the service can be activated in 2-3 days and payments transferred to your account in as few as 3-5 banking days after purchase

  • An economical way to apply credit to corporate sales: you pay only for transactions realized and, if you wish, you can charge an extra invoicing fee to your customers


Invoicing can be easy when it is done the right way



B2B Invoice is already used by, for instance: VTT Expert Services,, Veken Kaluste and Familon.

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