In-app mobile payments

Paying has never been this easy.

In-app mobile payments are effortless payments within applications.



The core of mobile payments

For the consumer, mobile payments are a convenient and hassle free way to pay for purchases. Purchases made in mobile applications, "In-app mobile payments" are an essential part of making payments quick and easy.  

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Intelligent recurring payments

Intelligent recurring payments make taking care of monthly payments orsubscriptions easy. This type of payments can be debited automatically according to the customers demands. It is also easy for the customer to accept single payments. 




We are glad to help

We will gladly advice you with any questions concerning in-app payments. We will guide you through integration and discuss how different payment methods can suit your needs. Do not hesitate to ask more! 

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A consumer friendly, quick and easy way to pay for purchases anywhere at anytime

  • Consumers are familiar with in-app mobile payments via many popular applications. 
  • Users can make purchases in the applications and confirm payments quickly and easily with just one swipe. 
  • Card-information can be saved in the application- the card can then be charged automatically when the service is used and a purchase is approved. 
  • In-app mobile payments can be used in several applications and web stores.

Other popular mobile payment methods are for example MobilePay and Masterpass. Both are included in Maksuturva's services.