Intelligent Invoice


A risk-free alternative for increasing sales

Purchasing by using Invoice gives the customer a chance to get familiar with products before paying for the purchase: however, the web store gets its money regardless of whether or not the customer pays, with the risk transferred to the credit provider.

  • A larger average purchase – the value of a shopping basket can increase up to 170% when using Invoice

  • An intelligent credit decision: due to our partner’s robust credit control process, larger shopping baskets are also more likely to go through

  • A better customer experience: Maksuturva’s Invoice is always up-to-date because the invoice goes to the customer only after the return period has expired. The customer has a better service experience and the customer service saves time

  • Customer's freedom to choose: your customers can change Invoice to Part Payment on their own initiative by paying the minimum part payment mentioned in the invoice

  • An easy way to improve conversion: your customers are able to make purchases with no more than a social security number

  • Reduce the costs of financial management: Maksuturva’s Invoice is reported and settled the same way as Maksuturva’s other payment methods

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Web stores like Nanso Shop and Aukia trust in Maksuturva’s Intelligent Invoice.