Maksuturva's international payment methods

Does your web store do business outside of Finland? Maksuturva can offer payment solutions also for international sales.

PayPal - global market leader of online payments

  • International sales increase – All merchants which add PayPal open their business operation to 203 countries worldwide. PayPal supports 26 currencies including Euro, Swedish Krona, Russian Ruble and US Dollar.

  • Convenience – Merchants can accept payments 24/7, all around the world and withdraw it to their bank account without additional fees.

  • Safety – fraud prevention solutions offered by PayPal are reliable and well-tested. PayPal offers one of the best abuse-protection systems and brand new buyers protection.

  • Confidentiality – PayPal does not reveal financial data of purchasers and sellers.

  • Profitability – sending money is free.

  • Mobile optimization – payments made with smartphones and tablets.


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