It’s quick to pay because people have their phone in hand more often than their wallet.

MobilePay - Mobile payment independent of bank 

Offer your customers the possibility to pay for their purchases in your web store with the MobilePay application. MobilePay is an easy and fast way to pay for purchases online without having to remember bank account details. More than 4,000 Scandinavian webshops already accept MobilePay payment. 


Benefits of MobilePay

For customers:

  • Easy and fast – The buyer needs to only enter his or her own telephone number when making a purchase and accept the payment through his or her mobile phone easily by swiping – without any difficult access code lists. Funds are charged automatically from a payment card which the buyer has connected to the MobilePay payment application.

  • Versatility – The MobilePay payment application can be connected to both debit and credit cards. The application can also be connected to more than one card. 

  • Safe – When paying with MobilePay the same limits apply as the limits on the payment card connected to the application. 

  • No additional costs – The customer pays no additional costs for MobilePay payments. 


For the merchant:

  • The service is ready to use immediately – Starting does not require any technical efforts; the service is easy to activate on top of the customer’s existing Maksuturva service that already has Maksuturva’s card payment enabled.

  • Easy – For Maksuturva’s customers MobilePay additionally functions integrally with other existing forms of payment for settlements, reporting and refund services.

  • Fast – Customers’ threshold to buy becomes lower and the purchase conversion rate improves in a mobile channel.

  • Reliable and safe – This is a payment application provided by banks, operating under the authority of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

  • Added value – Possibility to offer customers the option of mobile payment and thereby a greater variety of payment methods.


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