An easy way to pay online without having to fill in credit card details or having to log in to your online bank.


Pivo - a comprehensive mobile wallet

When adding Pivo to your web store's payment method selection, you will make it possible for customers to pay with three other Siirto- applications as well. 

Pivo is a quick and easy mobile payment method. When paying with Pivo, the customer does not need to fill in any card details nor accept the purchase via her online bank. The payment can be accepted in the Pivo- application or in one of the other applications that support Siirto (OP-mobile, S-mobile or Nordea's Siirto). Everyone can use Pivo, as it is not dependent of a customer relationship in any specific bank. Pivo is accepted in more than 5000 Finnish web stores. Payments made with Pivo are always free of charge for the consumer.


Why add Pivo to your payment method- selection?

  • Pivo is a safe and reliable payment method - the driving force behind Pivo is the trusted and stable Finnish bank, OP.

  • The customer can pay with Pivo without any worry - the same limits that are set for the users bank account and debit/credit cards are applied to Pivo- payments as well.

  • A quick and easy payment process - the customer only needs to fill in her phone number and then accept the payment easily in the application she uses (Pivo, OP- mobile, Nordea's Siirto or S-mobile). When paying is easy, the overall customer experience is better - which results in less abandoned shopping carts.  

  • Pivo has a lot of users - Pivo has already been downloaded more than a million times. The possibility to accept payments in other applications as well makes Pivo Finland's most comprehensive mobile payment method.

Start using the payment methods


How Pivo functions:

  1. The customer chooses Pivo as payment method.
  2. The customer opens the Pivo- application, or if the customer wants to accept the payment with another Siirto- application, she fills in her phone number in the field provided.
  3. The customer accepts the payment in Pivo or in another Siirto- application.