Svea Ekonomi Invoice and Part Payment


Sell more by offering purchase flexibility

Svea Ekonomi's invoice and part payment are flexible payment methods that serve both the buyer and the seller. Purchasing with invoice gives the customer a chance to get familiar with products before paying for the purchase, whils part payment gives customers the chance to make larger one-off purchases by distributing payments over a longer period of time. 

Benefits with invoice:

  • Easy payment transactions improve conversion – your customer can handle a purchase merely by means of a social security number or by utilizing TUPAS identification and have products delivered to an alternative address

  • Quick settlements: payments are transferred to your account within a few days
  • The invoice can be designed to match your brand

Benefits with part payment:

  • More at a time – Part payment frequently multiplies the average value of the shopping basket, at best even fourfold
  • Raise sales with campaigns: you can offer an interest-free credit period to customers who want to pay with part payment

  • Show starting prices next to products with a part payment -calculator

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