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Here you can find help in for example activating the service, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Materials for web stores 

Deployment of the service

You obtain access to our payment service by following these instructions:

1. Order the service

Ordering the payment service can be handled either via our customer service or from our retailers. Before actual activation, we recommend testing the service. Please note that if you have ordered the service via an online form, our Customer Service will process your order before you are able to use the service.

2. Activate the service in your web store

Select the alternative describing your web store solution below:

  • My web store is built on a web store solution offered by a software company. Our payment service is built into several software companies’ web store platforms. In using this sort of software, you can activate the payment service by following the instructions below.
  • My web store is built on an open source e-commerce solution. If your web store is based on some open source e-commerce solution, you will need a payment module that supports the payment service. A payment module can be ordered from us free-of-charge.
  • I integrated the payment service on my own initiative into my web store. You can also install our payment service for your use yourself by following our integration instructions and interface description.

3. Add terms & conditions and image materials to your web store

  • Add text about paying through Maksuturva to the web store’s terms & conditions
  • Attach a payment method banner that matches your payment service to the web store
  • Attach a Satisfaction Guarantee info banner in connection with the payment banner linked to the certificate page (only payment services using the Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • Print the terms & conditions concerning product returns that are to be attached to the deliveries (only payment services using the Satisfaction Guarantee)

4. Ready!

Enjoy the possibility to offer your customers a safe and smooth shopping experience in your web store.


Materials for web stores


Activation in the web store software

Ordering the service

Before you order the service, get acquainted with the instructions concerning Maksuturva with regard to the web store software, or contact the software company’s Customer Service. You can order the service from our Customer Service.

Activation of payment service

Two separate sets of codes are connected with Maksuturva’s operations: Extranet as well as the technical interface codes. After completing the order, you obtain the Extranet codes. Keep the codes you have received in a safe place and use them to sign in to the Extranet service. You can obtain the technical interface codes (merchant code and secret key) from the Extranet service, which you should add in accordance with the web store software guidelines to your web store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you buying online? You can find consumer support here.

What is meant by payment service and Maksuturva?

Payment services are, for example, online banking and card payments. A payment service can be offered only by a service provider that fulfills the requirements enacted in the payment institution legislation. Offering payment services is concerned when a service provider, acting between the payer and the payee, transfers funds between the parties on the basis of an assignment received from them. Maksuturva Group Ltd is this sort of payment service provider. We have invested in the security and client-friendliness of our payment services. By means of the MerchantExtranet service included in the Maksuturva contract, refunds are handled effectively.  Due to the Satisfaction Guarantee service offered to buyers, arranging product returns is also easy, and the store can ensure high-quality and reliable service to its customers  under possible return circumstances as well.

What is Buyer's Assistant?

Maksuturva’s return tools standardize and intensify the efficiency the control of special after-order situations (e.g., returns). Due to these effective tools, you can offer your customers a satisfaction guarantee and a  tool called Buyer's Assistan. In this way you ensure that orders are always delivered on-time and in the condition agreed – otherwise, the customer gets his/her money back without any problems. This is thus a highly visible element for buyers in our return/refund tools, and your customers can report changes in their orders through the service whenever and wherever they want to do so.

Which features does the service include?

In addition to all Finnish banks’ online and card payments as well as invoice and part payment services, the basic features of our service include, e.g., the most flexible settlements on the market, in addition to return/refund tools that make web store operations more efficient.  If you want more than basic features from the payment service, we’ll tailor a solution in keeping with your wishes.

Can I also manage refunds through the payment service?

Yes, they can. Maksuturva’s return/refund tools are included in all our services. You can also expand the return/refund tools with the Buyer's Assistant offered to buyers, allowing your customer to submit a return notice online.

What does the service cost?

You can get more acquainted with the pricing for our payment service on the Pricing page. Tailored services are priced in connection with conceptualization.

What kind of settlement model does the service have?

You can choose the settlement model to be either transaction-based or a consolidated type of settlement. With transaction-based settlements, we make the payments into your account using the original reference number used in the web store. Consolidated settlements are always made with the same pre-specified reference number. This concerns all payment methods: card payments can also be settled to the merchant on a transaction-by-transaction basis, using the original reference number.  As a rule, money is paid for settlement depending on the method of delivery and settlement model 1-10 weekdays after the order has been made. 

Can the service be tested before ordering it?

Yes. You can order test codes free-of-charge from our Technical Support.Testing the service

How can I order the service?

You can order the payment service directly from our Customer Service. If you want more information before the order or you’re not sure which features you need, our salespersons will gladly assist you. Contact us

Can I follow my web store payment traffic in real time?

Yes. The information regarding approved payments is delivered to the web store immediately. Payments can be followed either in the Extranet service or in the web store program management panel. By utilizing Extranet, you also gain access to the comprehensive business statistics services. This way you get clear reports on web store cash traffic, and you can also manage customers’ possible liaisons, returns and cancellations.

How do I know that the payment made by the customer is safe?

Payments are stored safely in separate customer backup accounts in Finnish banks. Customer assets are, in accordance with the company bylaws, separate from the assets of the company itself, and can be transferred only to the seller or buyer. Our operations are subject to regulation by Finland’s Financial Supervisory Authority, and all data transfer uses encrypted connections.

How do I make a refund to the customer if s/he has cancelled or returned the order?

Thanks to Maksuturva’s return/refund tools as well as the Buyer's Assistant service, we refund money automatically to the buyer when you’ve checked off the product for return.  You can also arrange the return by means of Maksuturva’s return tool by selecting the time period yourself if you are not using the tool offered to buyers.  By means of the the return/refund tools, refunds are automated for the time period you choose – and the account numbers of the customers concerned are also clarified if required on your behalf. As a default, the Buyer's Assistant- service covers the entire 14 days in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. After this, you are directly responsible for customer refunds.

How should the legislative amendments that came into effect in 2014 be taken into account in managing web store returns/refunds?

The amended Consumer Protection Act came into effect on 13 June 2014, bringing along with it a large number of regulations connected with the management of web store operations, particularly with regard to returns/refunds. By using Maksuturva's return/refund tools, the web store responds to these requirements automatically. You can obtain a more detailed description of the new requirements by going here

How should I handle a suspicious card payment?
Our system alerts you if a card payment cannot be verified or the buyer is not reliably identified in connection with the remittance. In a verified transaction, the buyer is identified in connection with the online payment by means of separate codes provided by the payment card issuer. Use of verification services reduces the merchant’s risks, because a cardholder registered in the service can be reliably identified.

If the country code of the payment card issuer, buyer’s browser connection IP address country code and product/service delivery country differ from each other and/or the transaction cannot be identified, it’s a good idea to examine the order more carefully before delivery and consider possible contact with the buyer. You can reject the transaction if you have reason to suspect misuse. There is, however, reason to note that there can also be a natural explanation for a differing country code or different delivery information: for example, a foreign job assignment affecting the buyer, student exchange, or payment card issued by a multinational bank.

If you decide to cancel the transaction, we will handle the refund to the customer’s card. If you do not regard cancellation as required, we will redeem the purchase to you according to the normal procedure.

The liabilities of the merchant with regard to card payments can be found  here.

More information about card payment risks and Maksuturva’s risk management tools can be found in the Extranet guidelines

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